I’m glad you’re here. Let’s relax together and share a good cup of coffee or tea.    Then we can also pick up a good book or two.tiggerbooks

For something new, I’ve got a couple of books that will be out with a new publisher, Mantle Rock Publishing, that will be out primarily as eBooks only. As a co-written project, MERCURY RISING was a project I’ve been working on with my husband for a few years, and it is now done. A little different than my other books, this one is a Supernatural Suspense. it has some interesting elements and a surprise in the identity of one of the main characters. It will be out in September 2018.

After that, I’ve got a romantic suspense also coming out with Mantle Rock Publishing, in November 2018, called THE OTHER NEIGHBOR. It’s based on a real event that was supposed to happen at Y2K . Who remembers what that is? Okay, I’ll tell you, Y2K was the change from December 31, 1999 to January 1, 2000, when the world was anticipating catastrophic computer related disasters because of the date. This story has nothing to do with computers, but everything to do with another potential disaster that the FBI was frantic to solve before it was too late.

In the meantime, here’s a little info about MERCURY RISING.

by Tim and Gail Sattler

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Michael wants to save his daughter, but first he’s got to save the world.

Michael and Charlotte meet when Michael is trying to find Ashley, his missing daughter, and Charlotte is trying to find Jon, her son, who have both gone missing.

Jon is Ashley’s tutor, but tonight, they are not studying. They have broken into the office of Jon’s favorite professor, who has been murdered. Ashley and Jon should have nothing in common, but now they have become ensnared in a tangled web that becomes worse with every new discovery.

When Michael and Charlotte join together to figure out what their children have become invoved with, they, too, are sucked into a sinkhole in which there are no answers, only more questions.

Time is running out. When all seems lost, will they all recognize the source of strength offered to them, and… will they take it?